MPEG2 TS Segmenter ================== (c) 2009 by Chase Douglas Patch/spec file (c) 2012 Rafał Frühling < rafamiga at gmail dot com > LICENSE: GPL This program purpose is to create segment files out of MPEG2 TS sources (usually a .ts file). These segments are used by LiveStream which was submited by Apple to IETF as a draft. This software is used to create file segments for Apple's LiveStreaming protocol, as described at "iPhone HTTP Streaming with FFMpeg and an Open Source Segmenter" page, courtesyof Carson McDonald's IONCANNON webpage. This version was partially upgraded to ffmpeg 0.10's new syntax for calling functions and produces less warnings with 0.10's includes but _STILL_ in parts it does use depreciated functions and those spots need to be upgraded. Help, anyone? The tar.gz archive contains a mirror of segmenter.c source (c) 2009 by Chase Douglas. I've supplied a patch to help compiling this code on recent CentOS5 with recent (0.10+) ffmpeg includes. You can find a SPEC file for creating RPM's. LINKS MPEG TS segmenter by Chase Douglas source: ffmpeg & segmenter LiveStream Howto: Apple's LiveStream docs: Apple's LiveStream draft at IETF:" ffmpeg 0.10.0 release: Cardon McDonal's IOCANNON:

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