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bird-centos5/2011-Aug-30 13:17:11-  Directory
handbrake-cli.el5/2011-Jul-26 16:43:44-  Directory
stunnel-4.15.el5/2011-Jul-26 16:43:47-  Directory
ffmpeg2theora.spec2011-Jul-26 16:51:530.6Kapplication/octet-stream
* stunnel-4.15.el5/ : Stunnel 4.15 SRC RPM, as used in Centos 5.5, with X-Forwarded-For and listenqueue patches included (as found at http://haproxy.1wt.eu/download/patches/)
* handbrake-cli.el5/ : HandBrakeCLI 0.9.5 build for Centos 5.5 with SPEC available, based on https://julianscorner.com/wiki/linux/handbrake_centos
* bird-centos5/ : spec file and diffs for building the Bird package on CentOS5 (incl. "sh bgp summary" patch)
* ffmpeg2theora : spec file for building a binary RPM consisting of single statically linked exec of ffmpeg4theora tool
* SPECS/ : various spec files

NOTE: These are all for CentOS 5.4+!